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  • 01.Qinpeng Joyful Fighting

    "Qinpeng Joyful Fighting" is a casual game, players can play the game anytime, anywhere. Fight side by side with friends through simple finger operations! At the same time, the social system provides to fight monsters with friends and various interesting ways to play.

  • 02.Super Tycoon

    "Super Tycoon" is a casual puzzle game for Chinese players. There are many cute characters in the game. Come and unlock them.

  • 03.Bull Hunter(Thailand)

    "Bull Hunter" is a casual puzzle game for Thai players. There are many cute and weird animals in the game. All you need to do is to conquer them all.

  • 04.Royal Tycoon(Thailand)

    Royal Tycoon is a gold-coin-based casual game developed for the Thai market. This game condenses huge physical game machine into a small electronic screen, and players can easily play video game on mobile phone or tablet.

  • 05.Royal Fish Catching(Thailand)

    Relying on traditional game rules in electric fishing games and with greatly improved gameplay quality, Royal Fishing Catching has a wide variety of fish and special game rules and is designed with cool special effects and relaxing background music, allowing players to enjoy their time in the underwater world.

  • 06.Jungle Treasure

    Jungle Treasure is a gold-coin-based casual game with a green jungle as background that is developed by Shenzhen Fire Element Network Technology Co., Ltd.. The game is about the story of cute monkeys and bears doing treasure hunting in a green jungle, giving players a relaxing and joyful game experience.

  • 07.Super Diglett Fighting

    Super Diglett Fighting is an easy-to-play and interesting point-and-click casual game with super well-designed scenes. In the game, diglett of different shapes, various scenes and broad views are provided, giving players super joy in diglett fighting.

  • 08.Star War Period

    《Star War Period》is also called“Qinpeng Star War”.This is a kind of shooting game of gold.Players could control dazzling fighter to flight with many enemy planes. Picking up different ammunition and prop can provide fighter super offensive fire and defense device.The game also designed many stimulation gold play that can make you earn gold at anytime and anywhere.Convenient vertical screen with one-hand operate.Play of shooting is easy-to-use.Shell and laser are shuttle back and forth aperture.

  • 09.Super Cute Monster

    Super Cute Monster is a 3D monster-hunting leisure game. Players can manipulate the hero to choose different fruits for hunting the various cute monsters of different sizes appearing on the screen.

  • 010.Fish Catching Contest

    A newly 3D fish-catching game is now on heat. IOS and Android systems can be synchronized-updated. You may invite your friends to enjoy the passion and fun together in the exciting journey.

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