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  • Qinpeng Joyful Fighting

    Qinpeng Joyful Fighting

    "Qinpeng Joyful Fighting" is a casual game, players can play the game anytime, anywhere. Fight side by side with friends through simple finger operations! At the same time, the social system provides to fight monsters with friends and various interesting ways to play.

  • Description

    Game introduction:
    "Qinpeng Joyful Fighting" is a game in which magic and science coexist in a different world as the world view. The heroes and teammates fight back monsters together in order to protect the world.
    In this mysterious world, you can meet all the legendary gods and various legendary monsters. Build and strengthen your own turrets constantly, fight side by side with the gods, defeat monsters to obtain gold coins, improve your strength, and finally become a legendary hero. You are the hero here!

    Game features:
    Players need to arrange turrets and skills reasonably, guard the line of defense, and defeat the crazy monsters. At the same time, players can get rich rewards for using props. You can also compete with your friends for monsters in the same game.
    Come and compete together!