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  • Super Tycoon

    Super Tycoon

    "Super Tycoon" is a casual puzzle game for Chinese players. There are many cute characters in the game. Come and unlock them.

  • Description

    Game introduction:
    "Super Tycoon" is an elimination and idle casual game with cute graphics and simple operation, which is exciting and durable. Clicking on a card, it may be a monster or a box of treasure elements, and the more you invest, the more gold coins you can get. Each character in the game has unique skills and attributes. Players need to achieve different conditions to unlock stronger characters and make the team strong. A variety of scenes combine different enemies to bring players a different game experience. The game relies on cute cell characters, gorgeous attack methods, diverse game scenes, fierce and exciting monsters, and fully automatic gameplay on-hook, bringing players a game experience full of fun, challenge and excitement.

    Game features:
    The game is mainly based on flipping cards to fight monsters, achieving different conditions to unlock different characters, scenes, and monsters.
    There are so many cute characters for you to choose, and treasure boxes of different elements appear randomly. Tap the card to experience endless possibilities.
    A variety of intimate automatic playing methods, easy operate, and on-hook upgrade, being easy and joyful, can meet your different needs.
    Learn professional knowledge through the game, come and invite friends to experience it together.